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If required by our customers, we can accommodate the request of supporting a private portal login on our website for easy access to relevant documentation. Granted personnel will then always have admission to the latest updated information provided by Combilent. 

Also any information need by distributers will be available through the login portal.

Process control management

Customers need to know when they can expect to receive customized components and systems. At Combilent, we use a sophisticated Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that tracks every step in the process, from gathering the raw materials to shipping the final product.

Our MES also helps improve quality by tracking products at the individual and batch levels. If a defect affects one item, we can track down other items in the batch and test them. Tracing products by item and batch, dramatically improves overall quality and provides transparency into the production process.

Our MES features include:

  • Executing incoming orders

  • Manufacturing control management at every step

  • Establishing best practices for the product and intended use

  • Automating the testing process

  • Adding unique IDs to products and batches

  • Reducing waste

  • Controlling logistics

  • Reporting progress in real time

About testing - And how we do it…

RF parameters

RF parameters

RF parameter testing include S-parameters (insertion loss, return loss, filter rejection), noise figure, and IP3.

High Power

High Power

Filters and combiners for multiple high power signals are tested to the maximum requirements i.e. operation at high altitude with a poor antenna return loss.

Passive intermodulation

Passive intermodulation

We design and test for low passive intermodulation both for prototypes and in serial production.

Temperature and humidity chambers

Temperature and humidity chambers

We test the products for full operation in corners of the specification from dry cold to humid hot.

Product reliability

Product reliability

In applying a combination of rigorous design rules and extensive testing, we make sure that the products meet the customers’ requirements for reliability and life time.

Adherence to industry standards

Adherence to industry standards

The products are tested to industry standards related to EMC, vibration, surge protection, corrosion, water ingress and dust ingress.


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