Sustainable Goals

Values we want to be recognized for:

  • Health and safety.
  • Personal freedom and flexibility for individuals.
  • Openness, good communication and clear policies.
  • Culture based on trust and well-being. 

Our highest priorities:

  • Continuously reduce environmental impact.
  • Only consume renewable energy.
  • Create products with lowest possible energy consumption throughout the life cycle of our products is key.

We shall foster sustainable products:

Products we design shall have a notable positive effect on radio infrastructure networks such as smaller in size for same or higher performances. 

Consumption of energy and raw material is essential:

  • Via innovation we keep creating smaller and smaller products with ever higher performances.
  • Driving down consumption pr. product manufactured will benefit mother nature, our customers and ourselves.

Environmental goals

At Combilent, we take our role as a responsible manufacturing company seriously. Our commitment to the environment drives us to make sustainable choices based on goals, scientific evidence, and ethical principles.

We strive to reduce our ecological footprint, enhance our environmental performance, and contribute to a greener future. Our focus areas include carbon footprint reduction, energy conservation, waste management and recycling, sustainable material sourcing, and employee engagement and education.

By implementing these goals, we not only minimize our environmental impact but also bolster our reputation as an environmentally conscious organization.

When CSR matters

At Combilent, we employ an integrated management system to effectively oversee our environmental protection practices across the company. Our environmental management system, certified to ISO 14001, plays a vital role in our integrated management system. It provides clear guidelines for handling materials, water, waste, and emissions.

To ensure continuous improvement, we closely monitor our environmental performance using environmental performance indicators. At the start of each business year, we conduct internal reviews of our management system, using the results to establish new objectives. Additionally, external monitoring audits supplement our internal reviews, ensuring accountability and adherence to best practices.

What we Expect from our Supply Chain

When awarding contracts, Combilent's Purchasing department considers suppliers' performance and supply availability as crucial factors. In addition to technical equipment and stable processes, we also assess whether potential suppliers meet Combilent's social and environmental standards.

All suppliers, regardless of their location, are required to provide a self-declaration confirming their compliance with our sustainability requirements. This declaration covers various aspects, including certification, standards, employee-related issues, compliance, corruption prevention, environmental management and climate action.

Before engaging a new manufacturing material supplier, we conduct a brief on-site audit to evaluate their adherence to process quality and sustainability standards.

As part of our commitment to ecological standards, Combilent verifies whether suppliers have implemented an environmental management system aligned with recognized standards like ISO 14001. By carefully evaluating suppliers based on technical capabilities, sustainability practices and compliance with our standards, Combilent ensures responsible sourcing and upholds our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Code of Conduct

Combilent´s Code of Conduct is a guidance for our daily conduct in several important areas. This include who we aspire to be and how we want to be perceived, in our relationships with employees, suppliers and partners, including focus on:

  • We take responsibility for our own and others’ health and safety in the workplace.
  • The relationship between employer and employee is characterized by openness, respect and influence.
  • We strive for the respect and protection of fundamental human rights.
  • We strive to continuously reduce our environmental impact and assist our customers in reducing theirs.
  • We are good neighbors and take advantage of opportunities to strengthen the communities in which we work.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners of Indutrade Group 

Green Energy Ambition

Our Environmental philosophy is built on the fact that we have a system that is easily comprehensible, easy to grasp and developed by our personnel. This also means that we, with the help of activities in our management system, can fulfill our environmental policy. 

How we work on minimising carbon footprint

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