Transmitter combiners

Combilent provides both cavity combiners and hybrid combiners as well as full combiner/receiver multicoupler systems.

Filters / Duplexers

Combilent offers custom design filters: high power transmit filters, receive filters, and duplexers.


Combilent offers Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) / Tower Top Amplifiers (TTA) and the associated RMC for control and distribution to the receivers.

The Combilent TMA/TTA is small, has low noise figure, and low weight.

Receive Multi Coupler

Combilent offers Receive Multi Couplers (RMC) with integrated Rx-filter and low noise/high linerity amplifier. 


Combilents monitoring products are:

  • Composite Power Monitor
  • Frequency Selective Power Monitor
  • Receive Line Monitor

The monitor can be stand-alone or integrated with combiners, Tx-filters and duplexers.



Combilent offer racking of the combiner system including combiner, filters and monitoring.


  • Combilent’s TMA/TTA products offer the most and lightweight and compact form factor on the market for ease of installation and integration.
  • Quality manufactured, integrated one-block unit, ensuring less points of failure and lower noise figure from less cables, components and connectors.
  • Integrated filter (band pass or duplexer) and LNA with onboard surge protection.
  • System gain setting, visual indicators and relay alarm output at the Receive Multi-Coupler (RMC).
  • Rx distribution from the RMC (AC mains or DC power supplied).
  • Combilent TMAs are 50% more compact than industry-standard TMAs.

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