Case Story


Utility Industry

Solution used

P 25 system - 800 MHz band


United States

Seamless Migration

Our societies depend on reliable communication in a wide range of critical applications. A larger metropolitan utility company makes this happen!

The challenge

A larger metropolitan utility company is currently operating a 900 MHz band radio system. The requirement is to migrate to a newer technology system in the 800 MHz band. The system has in total 25 sites. The metropolitan utility company wishes to update the tower equipment (Tower Top Amplifier, TTA) site by site first, whilst continuously operating the 900 MHz radio system and then later, replace the base stations site by site.

The solution

Combilent has developed dual-band 800/900 MHz TTA/RMC, combiners, and Tx-filters for the system. The dual band TTA's are installed first, while the system can continuously operate the 900 MHz band. The dual band combiners are then installed, while the system still can operate in the 900 MHz band. At the utility company’s leisure, they can now activate the new 800 MHz equipment and operate the 800 MHz and 900 MHz system in parallel until the 800 MHz system is fully tested and commissioned. Only then the 900 MHz system will be switched off.

Using the dual-band solution gives the utility company easy of mind. Their radio system is up an running all time and the new system can be fully tested in operation before switching off the old system.

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