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UHF Combiner and Duplexer System Jun 29 2021


    1, 2, and 4-Channel Hybrid Combiner and Duplexer System

  • An economical alternative to multiple duplexers, featuring multiple antennas and antenna cables.
  • Up to four Base Stations to operate on a single antenna and integrated receive distribution for one to four channels.
  • Multiple units allow more than four channels to be combined on multiple antennas.
  • Wide or narrow bandwidth for UHF. Full band for 7/8/900MHz.
  • Hybrid design to allow combining without regard to transmit frequency separation.
  • Low Noise Amplifier ensures maximum sensitivity.
  • Test port included for accurate receiver sensitivity measurements.
  • Low PIM design for multi-channel duplexer
  • Plug and play connectivity reduces installation and set-up time.
  • No tuning required (tuned to customer frequencies at our factory).
  • Optional frequency selective integrated antenna power monitors.



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