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Production Up and Running  -  Business Continuity Plan Mar 23 2020

To Our Valued Customers:

I want to update you on the business status of Combilent, given the evolving challenges and government directives related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.


We have implemented workplace safeguards to protect our employees and ensure their health and well-being. We have a significant number of employees who have been authorized to work from home and they’ve been provided all the tools and technology necessary to be at your service. Our remaining employees in the factory are following WHO and national recommended practices. In fact, we’ve been highly proactive in providing our factory workers with separated workstations, a sufficient supply of sanitizers, placement of educational posters throughout the plant promoting personal hygiene, guidelines for social distancing, and more.

Business Operations
Things are changing rapidly, but as of today Monday 23rd of March, Combilent is fully operational.

  • Production situation – Our factory is fully operational, all employees are at work and our capacity is normal.
  • Order handling – Our staff in Sales, Sales Support, Order Handling and Procurement is working from home. We can process your Purchase Orders as normal.
  • Lead times -  You may experience a little extra lead time. We are in daily contact with all our key suppliers and currently they are also operational and have taken their measures. Our Chinese suppliers are up to 85% efficiency compared to per-Corona times. We do get supplies in on a weekly basis now. 
  • Order Back-log -  Due to the long lock-down of China we do have a big backlog of orders with our Chinese suppliers. It is rapidly coming to a normalized situation, but I do realize that Combilent has had longer lead times than normally this spring. We do our outmost to expedite your orders.
  • Transport – We experience challenges on transportation. Both inbound and outbound. We do manage to get supplies in from from China and other international suppliers, but it takes longer time and precise arrival time is hard to predict. Shipping to our international customers is likewise affected with global airline companies being in their knees and boarders being closed down.
  • Service and Support - Our team is prepared to provide the responsive assistance you require. Do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Order monitoring – We are reviewing the Purchase Orders you have placed on us on a daily basis.  Should we see changes in our ability to deliver according to plans we will promptly contact you and reconfirm your orders.


Thank you for your continued trust in the Combilent team during these unprecedented times.

Kind regards,

Claus Dall-Hansen
































































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